26th of July

Thank you all for attending!

Report : 65 people attended!

Many positives came out of this event, first of all the strong participation from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC) and the National Boricua Human Rights Network, Chicago Chapter – nine sisters and brothers from these orgs in total solidarity with the struggle against Washington’s colonization of and austerity war against Cuba’s sister island!

We also had the surprise honor of central Puerto Rican community leader Jose Lopez speaking– plus his bringing a Cuban speaker from Cenesex (the Mariela Castro-led LBGT and sex education advocacy group).

Also a broad range of other speakers starting with Gisela Lopez, historic member of the July 26th movement from before the Cuban Revolution’s triumph, Manuel Tempori from Consulado de Venezuela en Chicago, Marguerito Diaz, Workers United, an SEIU affiliate elected official, Zakiyah Muhammad (SEIU worker), Tom Hansen from Mexico Solidarity Network, two brigadistas from our 12th Cuba May Day trip, and Jeffrey Sarles of the Chicago Workers World Party

Many notable guests present including Prexy Nesbitt, Columbia students/performers Andrea and Courtney, and the president of One Heart for Africa. Also, 2 revolutionary former Puerto-Rican political prisoners and leading Chicago human rights attorney Jan Susler!

Last, but not least, thanks to Rosalyn and Ralph for amazing Cuban food, Sally Cattouse’s photography and Steve Eckardt, the Chicago Cuba Coalition Coordinator!

Hopefully not forgetting anyone, thanks to all organizations and everyone who participated in solidarity and volunteered to help out!


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