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Saturday, April 14, 2018
6:30pm Reception, 7:00pm Program
University Church of Chicago, 5655 S. University Ave, Chicago 60637

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary
The Historic Military Defeat of Racist
South Africa in Angola

Nothing beats Cuba’s historic role in defeating apartheid South Africa’s army in Angola: some 450,000 Cubans volunteered to join that 15-year effort (over 2,000 of whom lost their lives).

Nelson Mandela– visiting Cuba first after his liberation from prison– put it like this:  “What other country has such a history of selfless behavior as Cuba has shown for the people of Africa?”
Please join us to learn more about and celebrate this historic event – and to support and send off the 10 Chicagoland folks going to Cuba as part of the International May Day Brigade.

• ‘Cuba in Africa – the Untold Story’ [video, 12 minutes]
• Prexy Nesbitt {central U.S. anti-apartheid leader/representative of
Mozambique’s FRELIMO liberation movement, worked with the ANC and Cuba];
• Dr. Piero Gleijeses (Johns Hopkins Advanced institute of International Studies,
world’s foremost authority on Cuba’s role in Africa) appearing via Skype;
• Two U.S. youth joining the International May Day Brigade

$5 donation requested / no-one turned away for lack of funds

Sponsored by The Chicago Cuba Coalition http://www.facebook.com/chicubasolidarity/