Past Trips to Cuba

Cuba’s 12th May Day International Brigade

~300+ people attended from over 29 countries, countries that attended:

Brazil, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Ireland, Argentina, Korea, Japan, Congo, Haiti, Zambia, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland, Bolivia, Peru, Greece, Ghana, and United States (US cities included: Chicago, LA, NYC, Baltimore, Miami, Washington D.C., Omaha, Lincoln & Denver)

This is the first time a United States delegation (~55 U.S. people) participated in Cuba’s International May Day Brigade (12th brigade) and was present at Cuba’s International Workers Day parade on May 1st.

We visited Havana, Artemisa, Cienfuegos Province, & Villa Clara Province.

We got the opportunity to learn from the Cuban people first-hand about their country’s reality and socialism in Cuba.

We worked with Cubans on farms, we met students of Medicine, listened to Cuban Professors and Cuban doctors as well. We met with and listened to Cubans from the following mass organizations:

Federation of Cuban Women – established in 1960 under the revolutionary government with Vilma Espín as its president to provide equal opportunities to women

Workers Central Union of Cuba – the principal trade union federation, antedates the revolution.

Federation of University Students – founded in 1922, consists of students from all major universities, colleges, and secondary schools.

Young Communist League – founded in 1962, has reported over 500,000 members.

Committees for the Defense of the Revolution – founded on 28 September 1960 to combat counterrevolutionary activities.

The National Association of Small Farmers – the leading farmers’ organization, was established May 1961

Glimpse of Cuba’s May Day Int’l Brigade Program

Click here to read the Invitation from Cuba to the World for the May Day Int’l Brigade

Click here to view some of the participant’s reflections of the May Day Int’l Brigade


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