Upcoming Events

Saturday, December 9, 2017: 10:30am-12:30pm
Teamwork Englewood-U.S. Bank, 2nd Floor, 815 W 63rd St, Chicago, IL 60621-1923

Englewood Healthy Babies & Moms

Come and find out how 3 Doctors & 1 Nurse from Cuba are working with the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and Englewood Moms to help our babies stay healthy! And what Cuba does to Keep Moms & Babies Healthy.
• In Cuba only 4 of 1,000 babies born die before 1 year old
• In the U.S. 6 die
• In Chicago 7 die
• But in Englewood 13 of 1,000 babies born die before 1 year old!
Meet & Hear:
MC: Michael Jabari Tidmore, Youth Coordinator, Teamwork Englewood & CCC member
Dr. Carla Da Goia Pinto, UIC Team Member
The Cuban Ministry of Public Health Team:
Dr. Jose Armando Arronte Villamarin, Chief of Primary Health, Las Tunas province
Dr. Sonia Maria Gonzalez Vega, Chief of Primary Health for the Camaguey Municipality
Dr. Berta Maria Bello Rodriguez, Specialist in Epidemiology & Hygiene
Nemesis Perez Martinez, Maternal Infant Health Specialist Nurse