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Car caravan to end the US embargo/blockade. End US violation of Cuban sovereignty.

Join the next Car Caravan
2 PM Sunday, November 21st.
Kenwood – Hyde Park

Assemble 2 PM: Ludwig Van Beethoven Elementary School, 25 W 47th St, Chicago

End to US embargo/blockade. End US violation of Cuban sovereignty.
2 PM Sunday, November 21st.
W 47th street – Kenwood – Hyde Park
The Cuban government has exposed US government involvement with promoting a November 15th demonstration. The Facebook group Archepelago and dissident leader, Yunior Garcia Aquilera, were denied permission to demonstrate based on “links with subversive organizations” and an “open intention of changing the political system in Cuba”. Dr. Leonardo Vázquez, an undercover Cuban intelligence officer, revealed links of terrorist organizations with the Nov. 15 demonstration promoters. Telesur news refers to this maneuver as “the most extensive and complex cultural war operation designed by the CIA”. The upcoming November caravan is an important action to denounce ongoing US interference with Cuban sovereignty and US sponsored regime change. Please join in the next caravan action.
We demand:
End all US economic, financial, and commercial sanctions against Cuba
Lift all travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba
Lift the cap on remittances Cuban Americans can send to relatives in Cuba
End Washington’s campaign of slander against Cuban medical personnel
Close the US naval base and prison at Guantanamo Bay and return the land to Cuban
End all US-sponsored “regime change” programs directed against Cuba
Assemble 2 PM: Ludwig Van Beethoven Elementary School, 25 W 47th St, Chicago
Cars to be decorated and caravan will drive east to Kenwood & Hyde Park, reassemble in front
of Kenwood High School on S Lake Park Avenue
Sponsors: Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Chicago Cuba Coalition, Coalición Chicago En Solidaridad Con Latino America, Chicago Anti-War Coalition, Centro Autonomo, Colectivo de Acción Social y Economía Popular y Solidaria del Ecuador, Justicia en Ayotzinapa Comité Chicago, Party for Socialism and Liberation, People United Albany Park, Socialist Workers Party, Southsiders for Peace
For more info, contact:, CCESLA;,
Facebook sites; Chicago CESLA; ANSWER Chicago, Chicago Anti-war coalition, Chicago Cuba Coalition
Keep in touch, for ongoing activities against the US economic war. 

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