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Car Caravan End the economic war against Cuba!

Join the next Car Caravan
Sun Aug 29, 2 pm

End the economic war against Cuba!
Assemble: 106th Street and State Line Road, Chicago

Car caravans demanding an end to US economic sanctions against Cuba are taking place the last Sunday of every month in more and more countries throughout the world. In Chicago, groups and activists have joined together to demonstrate solidarity with the people of Cuba. We join growing numbers worldwide in the call to end the unjust and immoral embargo of Cuba. The July 11 provocations in Cuba make it all the more important that we continue to mobilize public support for the people of Cuba who in their overwhelming majority point the finger of blame at the U.S. government for the hardships they are experiencing and demand
 -End all US economic & commercial sanctions against Cuba
-Lift all travel restrictions between the US & Cuba
-End all US sponsored “regime change” programs against Cuba
-Eliminate all restrictions on Cuba’s ability to import food & medicines

Assemble 2 PM. Caravan travels through East Side and South Works neighborhoods. 
3:30 PM rally at Steelworkers Park  Route
Sponsors:  Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Chicago Cuba Coalition, Coalición Chicago En Solidaridad Con Latino America,  Chicago Anti-War Coalition, Colectivo de Acción Social y Economía Popular y Solidaria del Ecuador, Justicia en Ayotzinapa Comité Chicago,  Party for Socialism and Liberation,  Socialist Workers Party

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