Emergency Relief for Cuba / Ayuda de emergencia para Cuba


This week dozens of individuals and leaders in various Cuba solidarity organizations from across the US have been meeting to formulate a progressive response to the current emergency on the island.
We collectively determined that a broad-based appeal urging Biden to move to remove sanctions was an act we could all coalesce around a UNITED FRONT.
The petition also includes an embedded hyperlinkTHAT SENDS A MESSAGE TO “YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL” The second hyperlink is hosted by Code Pink and we appreciate all their support assisting with the mechanics of this action. PLEASE SIGN AND SEND THIS MOVE ON PETITION TO YOUR NETWORKS AND SHARE BROADLY

Alicia Jrapko, Marguerite Horberg, Bill Martinez, Merri Ansara, Sarah Staggs, James Counts Early, Mark Friedman, Obi Egbuna, Isaac Saney, Sharon Wrobel, Felix Sharpe-Caballero, Angelica Salaz ar, Aimee Suzara, Graciano Matos, Rosemari Mealy, Aurora Gonzalez, Kimberly Waller, Mark Ginsburg, Ike Nahem, Nesbit Crutchfeld, Vicki Legion, Yoav Elinevsky, Paki Wieland, Louis Head, John McAuliff, Mavis Anderson, Antonio Saadipour, Elena Freyre, Medea Benjamin, Sandra Levinson, and Cheryl La Bash

We are not a group but an affiliation of people coming together to form an emergency response. We know there are many efforts circulating to send messages of support and clarification about the moment. This effort does not seek to supplant any other effort but we do hope to gather 100,000 signatures to send to the White House, so please share broadly!

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