Past Events

End the Economic War Against Cuba Car Caravan Sunday, 4/25 2pm

End Washington’s Economic War Against Cuba!
2 PM   Sunday,  April 25th
Assemble at the west end of Luis Munoz Marin Drive
Just north of intersection; W Division and N Humboldt Drive
(route through El Paseo Boricua and Logan Square is 55 minutes).  MAP  

Initiated by Cuban Americans living in Miami, car caravans to demand an end to the US economic sanctions against Cuba are now being organized in cities across North America and throughout the world the last Sunday of every month.   Join us in this demonstration of solidarity with the people of Cuba. Over six decades of sanctions have cost the Cuban economy some 139 billion dollars.

We demand the U.S. government: 
●   End all US economic, financial, and commercial sanctions against Cuba
●   Lift all restrictions on travel by US residents to Cuba and Cubans traveling to the United States
●   Close the US Naval base and prison at Guantánamo Bay and return the land to Cuban sovereignty
●   End all US-sponsored “regime change” programs directed against Cuba
●   Lift the cap on remittances Cuban Americans may send to relatives in Cuba
●   Eliminate all restrictions on Cuba’s ability to import food and medicines
●   End the Washington’s campaign of slander against Cuban medical personnel serving on international missions in the fight against COVID19.
Sponsors: Chicago Cuba Coalition, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Coalición Chicago En Solidaridad Con Latino America, ANSWER, Chicago Anti-War Coalition, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Socialist Workers Party, El Comite de Justicia en Ayotzinapa
For more info, contact:, call/text: 630-915-0654

Attached map of route

Next Caravan after April 25th: Sunday, May 30. Location to be announced. 

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