Masks for CUBA Campaign

CoCo Colectivos (CCC) is working hard to support COVID-19 containment efforts in Cuba. CCC has partnered with brigadistas and other literacy teachers who taught during the 1961 Literacy Campaign to help make protective masks for the most vulnerable.  These health brigadistas are donating and/or cutting material and writing notes to lift spirits during this difficult time.  We have already donated 2,200 masks to nursing homes, orphanages, elders, and others in the cities of Havana, Guanabacoa, and Pinar del Rio. Masks are delivered directly to the home or institution by our team of wonderful volunteers. Each mask is only $1 to make and deliver! Our goal is to deliver 20,000 masks and notes by June 30th. We need your support to help save lives in Cuba. 

Please visit to DONATE NOW.  Donorvest connects nonprofits with donors to raise money for specific projects.  If you wish to donate by PayPal or check, please email  Will you join our health brigadistas in a campaign to serve their country once again?

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