On Hurricane Irma – Aid List directly from Cuba

On Hurricane Irma hitting Cuba

For us in Chicago we need to discuss what to do now / how we can help – and we are meeting this Sunday, September 17th at 1:30pm at 1325 S. Wabash

Everyone and all are invited to this open meeting to organize aid for Cuba as well as to discuss how utilize the upcoming Int’l Che Brigade that’ll arrive in Cuba October 1st (and include voluntary labor to aid our Cuban hosts/ brothers and sisters).

Here’s hoping that the many organizations and individual friends of Cuba will all come together to organize a major fundraising event for hurricane relief (and i bet our majorly-happening/esteemed friend Marguerite Horberg, CEO of HotHouse might have some ideas/resources) as will many of the rest of us.

The Canadian National Network on Cuba and the UK Cuba Solidarity Campaign are currently organizing fundraising / accepting contributions; we are awaiting replies from both about how U.S. people might contribute to those funds – or if our own Nat’l Network on Cuba will be collecting funds here in the U.S.

Meanwhile please see below the list sent to us by ICAP directly from Cuba for aid:
More than 1 of any item is welcome and needed –

-Multi Directional Flat HDTV Antenna

-Toner-Brother TN-630/TN-660

-Toner- HP LaserJet P1102w

-USB Flash Drives

-Multiple port USB hubs

-External hard drives

-Used laptops and cell phones

-Office materials (pens, highlighters, sticky notes, notebooks, etc.)

There is also an Amazon wish list for some of the items in case people are unclear. The link to it is below

On the other hand, if you want to do other donations, we suggest disposable materials & school materials, items for work in the field such as gloves, etc.

Contact us if there are any questions or concerns!

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