Note from Bob Guild, Vice President of Marazul, US Based Travel Agency to Cuba

September 11, 2017 – 8:00 AM

Note from Bob Guild, Vice President of Marazul, US Based Travel Agency that has helped Chicago Cuba Coalition immensely in organizing numerous trips to Cuba and is also facilitating the Int’l Che Brigade coming up Oct 1st- Oct 15th 2017 has shared:

“As you know, the northern coast of Cuba was extremely hard hit by the hurricane. Because Irma turned north later than predicted, Havana was also hit harder than expected with flooding and wind damage. As you also know, Cuba’s advance preparation for these natural disasters is the best in the world. And, as you probably also know, they have in solidarity already sent hundreds of health care professionals to the other Caribbean islands devastated by Irma.

Sections of Havana are still flooded, electricity is still out in many sections, and we do not know how soon our friends can get back to their offices and in some cases their homes.

We have already received inquiries from participants in the Che Brigade about the status of the contingent. We do not expect any cancellation or postponement. But of course, we need to wait to hear back from ICAP and Amistur.”

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